Cyber Creditors: Lend, Earn, Liquidate and be able to act in haste

What is Cyber Enterprise?

Cyber (CYBR), our Primary currency, launchpad token, and original concept are intended to work on all platforms Cyber Enterprise presents. While having Tier 1 & 2 projects work solely inside the CYBR ecosystem, Tier 3 and Symbiotic projects go to that next level. Everything working inside our developing and ever-growing decentralized ecosystem.

The Cyber Creditors

Cyber Creditors is a Symbiotic project acting as a margin lending site, where one can use NFTs as collateral on a short-term loan. Those putting up funds against the NFT will act as shareholders of that NFT. This incentivizes not only quick liquidity to the market, but will enable people to trade debts to one another. This platform will have fees in both ETH and BNB, depending on which chain the digital asset is on. Using CYBR, ETH, or CYBRC BNB, will have cheaper fees, encouraging frequent and new users to use these assets in the respective chain's native token.

Cyber Credit Token (CYBRC)

The Cyber Credit token (CYBRC) is the Cyber Creditors native token. Operating on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), the token will act like shares in a company, falling under the Cyber Enterprise. Token holders earn a passive income based on tokenomics and revenue platform fees. On the Cyber Creditors platform, fees and payments on BSC digital assets are the cheapest and an alternative token to BNB as CYBR is used on Ethereum Mainnet and is cheaper than ETH platform fees.


There is a 5% hard coded tax, which over time is reduced and distributed to Cyber Credit token holders based on their holdings. The tax will be reduced over time, upon reaching specific goals for the development budget of the project. There will be a reduction to a 3% tax, as the project reaches the first milestone and then 2% upon achieving the final. Moreover, the remainder from the reductions, will be reallocated amongst DAO token holders in correlation to the amount they hold. The tax reduction goals are laid out below.

  • Total Supply 1,000,000,000 tokens 1 Billion 100%
  • Presale 1 / CYBR 150,000,000 tokens 150 Million 15%
  • Presale 2 / BNB 200,000,000 tokens 200 Million 20%
  • Presale 3 / BNB 210,000,000 tokens 210 Million 21%
  • Swap Liquidity 350,000,000 tokens 350 Million 35%
  • Project Core Team 90,000,000 tokens 90 Million 9%
Presale and ICO Information

There will be a total of 3 Presale ICOs totaling 560 million tokens.

The first ICO consists of 150 million tokens, or 15% of the total supply, which will be available to purchase at the best valuation using the CYBR token. This gives CYBR the ability to be used as a launch pad token.

The second ICO has 200 million tokens, or 20% of the total supply, which you'll be able to buy at a slightly higher valuation. This will be bought with the native blockchain token, BNB.

The third ICO has 210 million tokens, or 21% of the total supply, which you'll be able to buy at the highest presale evaluation. This will be bought with the native blockchain token, BNB, and will be followed by making a pairing on pancake swap.

ICOs will have a max cap of 0.5%, 5 million Cyber Credit Tokens (CYBRC) per individual/wallet. This is to help with token distribution amongst holders, to prevent a single entity from causing any detrimental impact to Cyber Credits economy.

For the opportunity to safe-list for the Cyber Credit ICO pre-sales events, please subscribe to either or all of our social media channels.

We will publicly announce the requirements and other information for the presale events through these mediums.

*If you want to participate in the first Presale, but you're not a CYBR holder yet

Frequently Asked Question

Cyber Creditors will function as a symbiotic project as users will have the ability to use the CYBR token as a means of payment on the platform. Using CYBR for ETH digital assets will be a fraction of the cost compared to using ETH. The same logic is applied to the Cyber Credit token for BSC assets. In addition to that, platform generated revenue will be used to purchase and burn the CYBR token, as well as gathering liquidity providing and staking rewards.

Cyber Creditors will immensely benefit CYBR holder. The first Presale of the ICO will happen through CYBR, as it is the native launchpad token under the Cyber Enterprise. Additionally, a portion of the revenue generated by platform fees will be collected and directly used to directly purchase the CYBR token. The purchased CYBR will then be subject to bruning. This not only allocates a steady stream of funds to locked liquidity, but will take CYBR out of circulation, enforcing scarcity. Using CYBR for ETH digital assets will be a fraction of the cost compared to using ETH

Being a Cyber Credit token holder has an array of benefits. Firstly, the token can be compared to holding shares of a company that falls under the Cyber Enterprise, an ever growing and developing decentralized ecosystem. Holders are entitled to passive Cyber Credit token rewards based on the tokenomics, forged within the token contract. Beyond that, users of the platform can use there Cyber Credit token for BSC digital assets, which in comparison to paying with BNB will be a fraction of the cost.

Binance Smart Chain was selected for a number of reasons. For starters, in the realm of centralized exchanges Binance is the juggernaut with the most users, trading volume, ICO backing and token listings. BSC does not only have a vast user base, but relatively cheap fees. This allows the average investor to get in and purchase a relatively small amount, without the fear that gas will consume a majority of their investment. In addition to this, enabling Cyber Enterpise to work on more than 1 blockchain will allow us to have a firmer grasp of the crypto space.

Due to our swap having a bridge, it is in our power to have a pair where the Cyber Credit token moves from a BEP-20 to an ERC-20. The same can, and potentially will, happen to CYBR. However it would be going from ERC-20 to BEP-20. There are also thoughts to make an ETH and BNB pair on the swap to simplify the obtainability of BNB for difficult to obtain countries.

Fees for the first presale round of the ICO will be paid in ETH. The price will be the current ETH gas fee used to send ERC-20 token. This is roughly $25-$50 depending on how many transactions Ethereum Mainnet is handling at the launch of the presale.

There will be a minimum amount of CYBR required to partake in the presale, however that is dependent on the $ value of CYBR upon the launch of the ICO. The amount of CYBR must be a whole number followed by zeros.

For example:

125,000,000,000 is nice number and will be accepted

125,354,678,116.1584863458 is a problematic number and will not be accepted

When any liquidity pair is added to our swap, there will be a limited time staking event that will yield higher rewards. After a given time or amount, the rewards will revert to the originally predetermined amount.